Eric doing flying knee


I had the pleasure of working with Eric multiple times while preparing for my NCAA lacrosse season. After suffering multiple lower body injuries, Eric worked diligently on helping change my stride technique while running as well as my strength and conditioning. The results exceeded my expectations. Eric was very passionate in ensuring I attained good health, better nutrition, and was mentally and physically prepared before going back to school.

- Matt M

After having a baby, I struggled to get back into a consistent work out routine for over 2.5 years. I would repeatedly start, and stop different workout routines and these attempts to self-motivate were extremely discouraging. Working with Eric provided me with the accountability that I needed, and a routine that was realistic for both my goals and lifestyle. More than that, Eric was always able to adapt his coaching style to make me feel comfortable and reflect my (many) individual quirks. As someone who has had a life-long struggle with anxiety and body image issues, I appreciate that Eric has focused my sessions and goals around measurable fitness improvements as opposed to weight or inches lost. Though I’m sure Eric has both the skills and accomplishments to coach more serious athletes, he also has the consideration and persistence to coach someone who is struggling to balance their own health and motherhood. I highly recommend him to all the other Moms out there – including my own, who is one of his newer clients!

- Kym H

When I started with coach Eric, I knew what I was getting. He and I were close Muay Thai training partners for a number of years. I was pretty broken down by the highs and lows of the fight game so I decided to try running.

I could always count on his integrity and accountability. This is something many teach fundamentally but don’t always follow through on outside of the gym. I’ve been around a lot of different coaches and experienced a lot of different styles in the 10 plus years of my training and I can say without hesitation that coach Eric is in the business to share the positive benefits and true enjoyment he receives out of an active lifestyle. When you do good, you feel good.

His approach is highly psychological and his emphasis with me was that I am not my failures. He helped replace that hardcore Muay Thai mentality and really helped me to understand that I didn’t need to go hard all the time to succeed. His approach to this was personal and designed to have me think critically yet clearly so that my performance peaked in the moments I needed it to. This skyrocketed my confidence in ways I have not felt in my life.

For those he doesn’t already know personally, I would say his background education in Psychology is what really makes him tick. He will get to know you as a person, which goes a long way when you’re pushing that extra little bit at the end. I would highly recommend as he is not only a great guy and coach, he’s also equal parts great student. He puts the hard work in and not just in sweat. You can’t teach what you don’t truly know and for this he has my utmost respect.

Highly recommend.

- Brandon G

Eric is an absolutely fantastic personal coach! He is one of the most personable and approachable people I have ever met, and he always has a smile on his face. He never fails to make even the hardest training into a fun and enjoyable experience. Eric takes the time to get to know you, and has a ton of knowledge, allowing him to provide a personalized training program that is right for you, your body type, and your goals. Under his coaching, I was able to run the farthest I have in years; even better, he taught me how to run properly! It was the first time in my life that I have been able to go for a run without experiencing shin-splints, I never thought I would be able to do that. He is hands down the best coach I have ever had. Thanks Eric!!

- Tobias B

I first began training with Eric in 2015.  I rapidly improved my form, strength and confidence in the gym.  Eric not only understands the science of movement but also the science of motivation, he always encouraged me to keep going even when I felt I couldn’t and believed in my potential even when I didn’t.  Eric didn’t just provide me with support at the gym, he also provided me with the confidence and knowledge to prepare my own plans to this day, based on the methods he taught me.  I give Eric my highest ratings as a coach and though I have since moved away from the area, I would happily continue to train with him if the opportunity permitted itself again!

- Ali B

I met Eric as a coach at OTF, he was full of fitness knowledge. He can control a room of 36 clients and still make you feel like he was coaching one on one. His ability to get the best out of your workout, he knows the proper techniques for all the different types of exercises whether it be floor, weights, rowing, TRX straps and the treadmill. He also has the ability to coach effectively people of all different fitness levels. Eric I very personable during workouts, I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes with Coach Eric, he also taught me how to breathe properly during exercise.

- Anna F

We met Eric through OTF, he was an awesome coach. Understanding limits and redesigning programs to meet our needs. Eric was always encouraging us to push past what we thought we could do to, and helped us to discover our true potential.

- Marie and Emily K

I had Eric as a coach at OTF he was amazing coach, always making sure that you are doing the exercises properly, he push you when on the treadmill and rower. He is kind and really know what he is doing, out of all the coaches at OTF he was my favourite.

- Kim W

Eric was a very motivating and knowledgeable coach during our time together!! He was always encouraging me to push a little harder and further striving to make myself stronger!  I would highly recommend using coach Eric to help meet or surpass your fitness goals!

- Tricia C

I worked with Eric at a local gym focused on high intensity interval training, and enjoyed every session I had with him as my coach. Eric’s passion for fitness shows in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He really takes the time to fully explain movements and show you how to maximize your efforts. He knows how to motivate you to push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve those goals you set for yourself.

- Brittany W

When I first started training, I didn’t have the best fitness. I’d been to different gyms off and on for years, and really had nothing to show for it. I didn’t believe that having a trainer would really be able to help me, until I met Eric. What I particularly liked about Eric as a coach was that he looked at me as a person, rather than just a person on the class list. He helped me with my form, with confidence, and even recommended me some extra reading material which dramatically improved my running. The result was that, in less than 6 months, I went from being a guy who could barely walk up the stairs without being winded to a guy who ran a 5K. I would absolutely recommend Eric to anyone.

- Josh B

I’ve always enjoyed swimming, cycling, and running for leisure but at 56 I decided to participate in a triathlon and hire Eric to help me work towards that goal. Eric pushes me out of my comfort zone, he gets me working harder and moving faster while always maintaining an upbeat and positive coaching style. In addition to our weekly sessions, he stays on top of my workouts throughout the week which helps keep me consistent. He knows at 56 I’m not aiming to be an extremely competitive athlete, but he pushes me to work my hardest every session. Eric is extremely easy to talk to and I always look forward to our sessions every week!

- Wendy L.

Eric and I began working together 2.5 years ago and I can honestly say that the results I achieved were a direct result of working with him. I mentioned to him that I had a goal of completing 10 chin-ups, and he put together a specific, detailed program, based on my fitness level and age (58 at the time) that allowed me to reach that goal 6 months later. Eric is an enthusiastic and engaged trainer with a passion for personal fitness. He is a good communicator with knowledge in many areas (strength training, yoga, Martial arts and long distance running) and he would be a benefit to anyone looking to improve their personal fitness. Eric gets my highest recommendation!

- Doug C

I loved working with Eric as my coach. He is always quick to point out if my form is incorrect to avoid injury, offering any modification that I need. He challenges me to set higher goals and is genuinely happy to celebrate my successes with me. In those moments where I doubt my ability, he always believes in me and provides encouragement. With his help, I have lost weight, gained speed and strength but most of all he’s changed how I see myself. I don’t have enough words to thank him for the difference he’s made in my life.

- Caryn M

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or been doing stuff for years coach Eric made each workout worth your while. His energy was awesome, and music always pumped you up. He always knew that moment right before you wanted to quit, and would be there to say something encouraging to keep you going. Some of my personal best happened with Eric coaching. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone.

- Marci F

Eric is a professional and knowledgeable coach. I would seek out his classes because I knew they would be well organized and have a great music selection. I have a number of injuries/physical limitations and Eric was always able to provide me with modifications that would allow me to participate and still have a great workout! I was very intimidated to attend fitness classes but his kind and encouraging approach allowed for a very comfortable and fun environment. 10/10 would recommend Coach Eric!

- Lan S

I had the occasion to attend several strengthening and Muay Thai classes instructed by Coach Eric. His instructions were clear and explained and demonstrated well. He is extremely patient and encouraging to all. I strongly recommend his services.

- Linda B

After having been pretty inactive for a number of years, getting back into exercising can be intimidating.  But, Eric was able to give me enough encouragement to help me both overcome any self-consciousness I was feeling, and to keep working at the things that I was finding difficult.

- Andrew S

Eric was always a level headed trainer… when I was feeling like quitting… he read my mind and kept me motivated! In the perfect way! I always appreciated the mornings I worked out with him!

- Jodie M

I used to hate running and only did it because I felt I had to. Working with Eric changed that, I saw good progress, felt great, and learned to enjoy my fitness routine. 2 thumbs up and 10 stars for sure.

- Dave B

I spent time training Muay Thai and fitness with Eric and always enjoyed my experience. He was knowledgeable, motivating and consistent and I always left having learned something new. I would certainly recommend him as a coach.

- Mike J

An absolute pleasure to work with/train under. Everyone is always included and made to feel welcome while Eric is teaching. I always felt comfortable and was pushed to better myself with every session. Always left the gym satisfied after training with Eric.

- Alexander G

Eric was such an amazing fitness coach. He explained the moves and exercises in a positive way that made something as working out more enjoyable. Eric always had a great attitude and smile on his face, encouraging and pushing his peers to their full capabilities. I very much enjoyed my experience training with Eric and always knew it would be a great class.

- Michelle P